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Could the twins have been protected by this small device?

Deterrent: The solar powered 'Nite Eyes' puts off intruding animals

Deterrent: The solar powered 'Nite Eyes' puts off intruding animals

A simple £25 device that could have prevented the horrific mauling of the two baby girls has seen sales rocket since the attack.

The Nite Eyes is solar-powered and transmits a flashing light which makes the fox think it has been spotted and hopefully run away.

A red flashing LED light automatically turns on at dusk and then switches off again when it is full daylight.

The device is made by Interplex Solar, based in Solihull, Birmingham. It lasts up to five years and is popular with farmers, poultry owners and gardeners.

Sales manager John Shakespeare     said: 'We usually sell about 30-50 a day but in the last couple of days about 300 have been shifted.

'It really is really effective device

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Solar-powered device scares off poultry predators
22/04/2009 14:17:00
Poultry World

A solar-powered device which offers protection to free-range poultry from foxes and other nocturnal predators has arrived in the UK.


Mark Thompson of Solar Predator Protection says the unit, popular with farmers in the USA, is based on a micro warning light. "A flash of light implies to all animals which hunt or feed at night that they have been discovered or are being